Residential Maintenance Services

Your on site HOA maintenance team can assist you with basic home maintenance emergency engineering support plus various aspects of your ownership. Such services may include:

Minor household tasks, including:

  • Adjust hinges (wooden doors)
  • Replace and repair drawer/cabinets handles
  • Light bulb replacements
  • Replace light bulb transformers
  • Replace toilet fill valve
  • Replace or adjust toilet covers
  • Replace towel rack
  • Change lamp shades
  • Change batteries for TV remote controls
  • Clean, replace and reseal shower heads
  • Frame Installations (Pictures or Paints)

Technical maintenance services, including:

  • Replace Water Filter
  • Replace extractors fan
  • Replace toilets
  • Unblock toilets
  • Replace sinks
  • Adjust shower doors
  • Change light switch
  • Replace garbage disposal
  • Application of varnish to wood beams
  • Replace fans
  • Replace appliances
  • Replace Boilers
  • Replace sinks houses
  • Clean or replace electric resistant of boilers
  • Change hooks for towels
  • Replace Thermostat
  • Preventive Maintenance to Boiler (Per Quotation)
  • Replace Fan and Coils
  • Replace toilets houses
  • Replace angle valve for sinks or toilets
  • Repair and paint small cracks
  • Supervision of 3rd Party Services
  • Hurricane Preparations and Clean-Up
  • Floor Polishing